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Oily & Combination

Tends to be shiny with excessive oil production within one to four hours after cleansing. Primarily in the T-Zone areas.


Tends to flake and peel around eyes and forehead area and is sometimes sensitive or rough in texture due to lack of moisture.


Usually clear but breaks out occasionally, tends to produce oil within four to eight hours after cleansing. Primarily in the areas of the forehead, nose and chin.

Not sure what your Skin Type is? Jélene is here to help!

Using Jélene's simple clock method (on right) it's easy to determine your skin type! Once you have determined your skin type its even easier to locate which Jélene products are right for you!

All Jélene products are color coded by skin type.

Blue = Normal Skin

Coral = Oily Skin

Violet = Dry Skin

Green = Universal product